Hot Topic: What Causes Women’s Hair Loss

A woman’s fabulous hair signifies social, emotional, and psychological significance; her crowning glory is the continuation of her femininity and her status. By the age of 40, 25 percent of women had some hair loss, and by the age of 50, almost 50 percent had some hair loss. Nowadays, though, men and women do not have to try their luck with the so-called snake oil offered by shady characters from the back of a taxi. Science has improved as our doctors learn more of the inner workings of our bodies.

Women have recently been turning to state-of-the-art laser treatment in order to restore their locks. An 84% success price has been reported, and benefits are stated to be evident inside of 3 months in most instances. The laser acts specifically to promote hair growth by enhancing blood circulation. This improves the state of your hair in the privacy of your own home. If you want to take advantage of this treatment at home, you should use these laser hair growth devices. Women's Concepts did a great job analyzing the best of them so you better check these out!

Another approach uses minoxidil topical solution, which comes in different concentrations; the 5 percent and the 2 percent concentrations. The 5 percent is specially designed for men enduring mild to moderate androgenic alopecia, and the 2 percent is recommended for women’s use.

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